Spirit of the Hero 10-14.10.2020

Join Us In Poland / 10– 14 October 2020

And Bring Out Your Spirit Of The Hero!!


Find your inner fire in our elaborate 5-day process.Become the woodland ranger on the lakes and in the forests. The hero program brings you mindfulness, physical challenges, outdoor activities & self-development that will boost your energy and supercharge your visions.

The Hero Proces

We created this training process because we discovered for ourselves how powerful it can be to combine body, mind & emotions through conscious and aware training methods.

The 5 Day Process:

Live Your Own Hero’s Journey For 5 days

Thrive With Nourishing & Cleansing Food

Alternating Between Physical Outdoor Experiences & Mindfulness Training

Gain New Inspiration & Self Realization

And You’ll Bring It Home In Your Workbook!!

We found our own inner hero not on the outside but on the inside. We believe that you don’t need to be a super hero like in the movies. What your soul is really longing for is that you are able to bring out your full potential in this life. That is the power of the hero’s journey. To live your life in growth & unity.

For us this hero power is gained trough the combination of conscious bodywork, outdoor training & fitness, meditation and self-development training.

You can follow us on this epic adventure as an elite athlete or total couch potato.

As long as you want more… more depth, more unfolding potential, more feeling… this is your camp!

The essence of the hero’s journey is to take a step out into the extraordinary world and make new experiences!

That is why you will kayak, experience the ‘Mori Gari’ forest challenge, train martial arts, enjoy a building workshop out in the forest & much more…
Growth is what we want to create. And growth needs challenge, knowledge and new experiences.

What modalities, sports & techniques will I experience?
The camps training process will include a blend of many different modalities. Among them is Meditation, Qi Gong, Yoga, Kayaking, Animal Styles Movement, Martial Arts, Taiji, Shamanism, 5 Elements Analysis, Mori Gari (forest fighting challenge), Self-reflection training, a Cacao workshop, and many more…

What is the camp’s language?
The training will be given in English. But we will also be able to translate to Polish and German, and in a limited extend to French. Don’t worry if your English is only basic, communication is not an issue once you are there and experience the group.

The camp is for you, if you are a seeker! If you know that there is more to your life than working and spending time in front of your devices! This is it. That’s enough to join.

But besides that the Spirit of the Hero is for people who are into movement, into holistic living and nature. For everyone who is stressed, overworked and just needs a big time out. For martial artists, yogis and sportsmen who want to understand themselves on a deeper level.

In short… for all the heroes out there! 🙂

So, for whom is it not?
People who are not open to different modalities, traditions and new approaches. And people who only want either a meditation or a physical bootcamp. We believe that the human being needs both aspects and that we have to bring them in harmony and train them together to develop our potential. Don’t avoid your inner side! And don’t reject to kick your own ass! 🙂

How fit do I need to be?
It is very important to us, that everyone can join the camp! We have a wide mix of participants at all imaginable fitness and experience levels. If you are a couch potato or a professional athlete, you will find your challenge and your individual path of growth at the camp

When is the camp?
Arrival day: 20. May 2020 / Departure day: 24. May 2020

Where exactly is it?
Zurawi Mlyn Retreat Center, Ciemno 46, 77-133 Tuchomie, Northern Poland

The Wild Hero

The Stone Hero

Outdoor camping in your own tent
  • Set up your tent close to the river & lake

  • 5-day training process

  • Full board organic vegetarian/vegan health food

  • Kayak trip

  • Cacao Ceremony

  • Building workshop

  • Hero training material

  • Your Hero Rituals for the life after the camp


Cozy room in the Old Mill
  • Bed in the appartment-styled rooms
  • 5-day training process
  • Full board organic vegetarian/vegan health food
  • Kayak trip
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Building workshop
  • Hero training material
  • Your Hero Rituals for the life after the camp



5 Days of Empowerment

A Typical Day In The Camp:

7:00 am – 8:45 am / ‘Hero Wake Up Training’ & Your Hero’s Journey Process

9:00 am – 9:45 am / Breakfast

10:00 am – 1:00 pm / Morning Training

1:30 pm / Lunch & Rest-time

5:00 pm – 7:00 pm / Afternoon Session

7:30 pm / Dinner

9:00 pm / Specials, Sauna, Bonfire

The Guides of YOUR journey


Sascha Wagener led quite a special life in the last 20 years. His research and training journeys let him to mountain temples, monasteries and tribal warriors all around the world. He is teaching world-known clients in Asia’s most prestigious wellness resort and is co-founder of the Secret Elements Qi Gong & Therapy system and founding member of the Missing Link Martial Arts Research Society.

A Life Full Of Adventure… 

  • Sascha is teaching around the world

  • He developed different systems in health, self-healing & martial arts that are used in over 10 different countries

  • Author of several books

  • Taught high-end clients like CEOs of the top 5 silicon valley internet giants

  • Visiting expert in the world famous Aman resorts…

Camilla is the organizer behind the camp and creates the flow of the whole experience. She used to work for five star hotels all around the world before she was drawn to new challenges and adventures.

Since then, she has completed an education as a Thai yoga massage therapist in one of the most prestigious training centers in Bangkok and has broadened this knowledge with her Shiatsu training. She is a Qi Gong instructor and enthusiast for a tasty and healthy plant-based nutrition. She loves to collect recipes from local chefs from around the world like Bali and Vietnam.

Camilla will bring us deep relaxation and self-reflection with her refined Yin Yoga classes. And she will also teach Qi Gong parts in the process together with Sascha.

Magdalena Kogutowska

In the early days Magdalena’s curiosity took her on a long winded path on which she spent many years studying machine consciousness. But before the robots were completely able to take over her mind, she struggled free and is now a nature-loving Yogi. 
She loves to cook, using plants to heal and is generally exploring the more witchy side of herself.
Knowing that the key to happiness lies in balancing the feminine and masculine energies within ourselves, she strives to incorporate her logical and technical skills along with the artistic side of her in playful ways.


Emil Clausen

Ever since he was a child, Emil has had a natural inclination toward building and experimenting. When he was older his creative interests led him to the world of Arts where he discovered his passion for photography, sculpture, and interactive media. 
His practical knowhow and artistic flair combine to give a unique in expression to all his work, even the most mundane.
Emil likes his ideas big: using his imagination, skills and craftsmanship he is able to create a concept in his mind and materialize it.