Collaboration and Honesty

In our crazy world, living a balanced life makes little sense. What does balance even mean in this context? How can a being so out of tune with nature ever hope to lead a balanced life?

We believe that it is important to try. When you are looking for answers all you can do is try, fail, learn and repeat.

We want to co-create places in the world that makes the search for balance a priority. Places that are surrounded by trees, natural water and wilderness, and in this way allow us to feel closer to being balanced. Places where the words Love, Compassion and Truth are anchored in actions.

We care about other beings, be they plant or animal, and accept that while we are all different we are paradoxically the same.

We wish to support ourselves and others in creating a society based on collaboration and honesty.

  • Emil

    A Builder, Maker and Alchemist
    Although, he grew up in circus, he is no clown. A true blue-blooded Viking at heart, Emil loves nothing more than a hearty meal by a warm fire in the company of friends. His skilful hands can build amazing things for next to nothing (although he does prefer a nice big budget!)
    He is an experienced event organizer and over the years he has helped put together many a workshops and festivals.

  • Magdalena

    Loves to prepare food, herbs and magical concoctions for the pleasure of friends and strangers alike. She's an artist with a curious and investigative mind and goes forth in life probing, tasting and experimenting. Like most people she battles with her demons but daily meditation and yoga helps keep her healthy and her outlook positive.