The main building is a three story house with a basement. When you come through the front door you will enter the reception area. On the right you will have a toilet and access to the the veranda with a fireplace. On the left, you will see the lounge with a fireplace and the café area. There is also a fully equipped kitchen here, but it is not where we prepare the food for meals.


Located on the second floor, are the rooms with numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4. You can find a description with pictures of each room on here: The Rooms



The remaining rooms, numbers 5, 6 and 7, are on the third floor. You can also find a description of them on The Rooms page



In the basement our guests will find the Sauna, a shower and a toilet as well as a massage/treatment room where. In addition, there is a laundry room and the water mill power generator.

The Dining hall

Next to the main house we have the dining hall which is an old converted barn. Recently, we built a new addition to the barn in form of a gastro kitchen. All our food is prepared here and served in the dining hall. The dining hall is spacious and can comfortably fit groups of 50+ people. Fead more about the kitchen and the food that we serve here at the Mill in the Food Section of the site.

The Activity hall

For lack of a better word we call this the Activity hall because it is where the majority of workshops take place. A spacious room with plenty of natural light. The dining hall and the activity hall are connected by a pair of glass double doors.

  • Main House Facilities

    A lounge with a fireplace,
    A veranda with a fireplace,
    A Cafe area,
    Kitchen access,
    Three stories with 7 spacious rooms,
    Treatment room, and
    Laundry facilities.

  • The Dining Hall Facilities

    App. 100 sqm of wooden floors
    A fireplace
    two toilets
    A bar area
    Audio equipment
    Projector for presentations/films
    Tables and chairs for 60 people

  • The Activity hall Facilities

    App. 100 sqm of panelled floor
    Audio equipment
    Wood stove furnace
    Garden views