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Yoga workshops

We are big fans of yoga and would love to host your yoga workshop. We cook our own vegetarian/vegan food and can adapt our menu to specific requirements.


We have a nice big yoga shala just waiting for you and your students.

Meditation retreats

The Mill is a great place for quietening the mind. There are several areas outside that are great spots for meditation. But the best one has to be at the end of the long pier where one or more people can sit undisturbed in quiet contemplation with only the soothing sounds of nature. Of course there are also many great walks in the surrounding area that can be helpful in our training of the mind.



Cacao ceremonies, Temazcal or sweat lodge purification ceremony, shamanic inspired journeys, wise women and men circles. We try to be open to most ideas, so do contact us if you have a vision that Żuraw i Młyn can be part of.

Herbal workshops

We are lucky to be in an area where natural herbs are abundant. If you are a herbalist or have plant knowledge that you would like to share with others we have the facilities. We can work together to show others how to make their own herbal remedies or cosmetics.

Holistic detox retreat

Water is said to be a great healer. The sound of the river that runs alongside the Mill has calming effect on the mind. A cleansing diet and gentle exercise can support the nervous system to heal itself. A sauna session followed by an invigorating jump in the river is uplifting and has many health benefits. 


Perhaps you are a yoga teacher looking for something a little extra to offer your clients. Together we can organise a holistic retreat that is more than just a traditional yoga workshop.

Wild swimming in the river


Gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, shamanic drums, crystal bowls, hang drums, rain sticks and all the other wonderful instruments that can take us on inner journeys that heal and can provide guidance on life’s path.
We would love to hear from talented musicians who are looking for a secluded setting to take their audience to new depths.

Creative Workshops and Seminars

We want to hear from you if you have an idea and you are looking for place that can host your seminar, workshop or retreat.
We are especially keen on any DIY / Maker workshops, painting and drawing, art or sharing of information about alternative lifestyles such as off-grid living, technology, power generation, ecological agriculture and other topics that empower people.

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